Chata Desmo

Prkenný Důl

Hiking, cycling, but also recreation and relaxation - all this and much more awaits you during the summer season in Prkenný Důl. A great number of tourist destinations in the area will make your vacation more varied. Prkenný Důl is located close to the state border with Poland, so it is possible to make many excursions to our neighbors, too!

In winter, Prkenný Důl offers plenty of fun and many opportunities for skiers and cross-country skiers. Two small ski resorts are in close proximity to our house (about 300m). They are ideal for beginners and our smallest. If you are already advanced, you can visit ski resorts that are up to 20 km from the house ´Pec pod Sněžkou, Černá Hora, Janské Lázně´.